6 Best Underground Venues Of Madrid

The underground music scene in Madrid is booming! Every day we can listen to new bands trying to build their path into this new incredible scene. Indeed, there a few venues in the capital that are still quite unknown and where powerful guitar riffs are incessant. Today we will reveal them to you.



Sala Maravillas




Maravillas Club has become the point of reference for a concert in Malasaña. The venue has a fairly original shape with a very powerful sound. It is the perfect place to discover Madrid’s rock and pop scene. You can drink craft beers and dance all night. If you want to discover the district of Malasaña, do not forget to visit Maravillas Club 😉


Fun House



The Fun House is one of those concert venues where you feel the spirit of rock n roll as soon as you enter. With a focused programming on the new local scene, Fun House is the perfect place to spend an inflamed night. Indeed, not only you’ll see the best emerging bands but also you’ll be able to dance all night as the place remains open until 6am.


Wurlitzer Ballroom



Located in the heart of Madrid, the Wurlitzer Ballroom also known as “El Wurli” is one of the most garage venues of the capital. With a capacity of more than 200 people, this mythical place offers unique concerts of the national and international independent music scene. The venue which has an elongated shape has a particular sound that will delight all lovers of rock, punk or garage.


El Perro De La Puerta De Atrás Del Coche



This venue has the most curious name of the capital: “The dog in the back door of the car”. Also known (fortunately) as “El Perro”, this bar and concert hall programs local groups going through all kinds of music. “El Perro” is the perfect venue for lovers of live music. At the end of the concerts, the venue remains open; you can stay there to dance all night.


Gruta 77



The Gruta 77 is one of the mythical venues of the underground music of Madrid. Thus, each night it programs groups of different genres, trying always to discover new national or international talents. It is usual to see Marky Ramone, the legendary drummer of The Ramones play there. If you like rock, garage, punk, surf, reggae, ska … Gruta 77 is your spot!


El Juglar



This concert venue is located in the heart of the “Lavapies” district. It has an amazing music program. Thus, every day the music varies between flamenco, soul, rock, funk or other genres. The venue has a very good acoustics, a perfect place if you make a detour in this emblematic neighborhood.